Sunday 15 October 2017

Sniffing and decoding NFC with a DVB-T stick (RTL-SDR) and GNURadio

Several months ago, we got a new coffee dispenser machine at work that waits for an NFC tag before pouring a hot beverage. Everyone has a tag, and with this tag, we get free drinks. At first I wanted to clone it, so I played with this nice and inexpensive NFC reader (based on the well supported PN532 chip), but found out my tag, which is a Mifare Classic 1K from NXP (MF1 IC S50), was not vulnerable anymore to the current available cloning technique. Since I had never played with NFC before, I still wanted to get some data and see what I could do with it. So I switched to a new goal which was sniffing an NFC transaction between the coffee dispenser machine and my tag.


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Wednesday 9 November 2016

Somfy and Blyss protocols added to rf-ctrl


The rf-ctrl tool is now able to control plugs and rolling shutter controllers from the well known Somfy and Blyss brands. Regarding Somfy, only the 433,42 MHz RTS protocol is supported, but devices based on it are still widely available. Of course, most 433 MHz transmitters work at 433,92 MHz, which is obviously off compared to the 433,42 MHz used by Somfy. However, it works well enough, even if the range is a little bit smaller compared to what you could get with a proper 433,42 MHz transmitter.

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Saturday 22 October 2016

Home automation with cheap 433MHz plugs, a 1$ 433MHz transmitter, and a TP-Link TL-WR703N router

Two years ago, I started playing around with cheap 433MHz plugs that can be found almost everywhere. At that time, I got several from different brands, from the well known Chacon Di-O plugs, to the most obscure chinese/no-name ones, and my goal was to reverse engineer as much protocols as possible. I compiled the result into a little tool I called rf-ctrl (now available on my GitHub), and forgot about it. However, this summer, I needed to find a solution to remotely control my electric heaters (not because I was cold obviously, but because I had the time to do it), and thought it was time to dig up rf-ctrl with a bit of polishing (a Web UI called Home-RF).


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Thursday 4 September 2014

Inside a KORG Kaossilator Pro

The Kaossilator Pro is a Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer/Loop recorder from KORG, and I just got mine this week !


However, the version I was able to find for a reasonable price is the Pro one, which is discontinued... It has been replaced by the Pro + version which looks almost the same, but offers 50 more programs.
I played a little with it, but soon I wondered if it was possible to upgrade it to the "+" version. After all, both version might share the same hardware (HW) ? It is quite possible since I do not see any real improvement that would justify a entirely new HW revision. Maybe a bigger ROM to fit the new programs ?

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