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Sunday 12 March 2017

Building the OSSW firmware with GCC

Few months ago, I got a Weloop Tommy smart-watch from work. I played with it a little bit, but quickly put it aside, until someone recently reminded me about this open source firmware called OSSW (the corresponding project page can be found here). I thought it would be a great sandbox to start playing with the watch, but building the FW was only possible using Keil and Windows...

For this reason, I set up a fork on my Github account that has been adapted to build on Linux (or Cygwin) using GCC. It can be found here.


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Wednesday 10 September 2014

Enhanced Rovio (WowWee)

I played a little with the discontinued Rovio from WowWee this week, and found out that the firmware source code has been released some times ago.

Several custom firmwares already exist, but I played with only one so far : Rovio Chat custom firmware. This custom firmware integrates some interesting functionalities (mainly a Network Watchdog), but I wanted to add other features, like turning ON/OFF the blue LEDs.

That's why I just set up a Github repository, importing the original source code (v5.03) with Rovio Chat changes on top of it as a starting point.

So far, I also added the following functionalities :

  • Blue LEDs control integrated into the WEB interface
  • Incremental camera adjustment control (from Rovio Chat) integrated into the WEB interface

The repository can be found here, and some nice building instructions here.

Feel free to check it out !