Introducing PebbleGotchi

Few weeks ago, I developed TamaLIB, a hardware/OS agnostic Tamagotchi P1 emulator library, that allowed me to create a Tamagotchi P1 ROM exploration tool called TamaTool that targets desktop computers, and a MCU oriented Tamagotchi P1 emulator called MCUGotchi (see my previous post for more information).

Now, let me introduce PebbleGotchi, a Tamagotchi P1 emulator for the Pebble smartwatches !

PebbleGotchi.jpg, août 2021

PebbleGotchi runs as a Pebble app, but cannot stay in background as its size exceeds the limit of 10kB allowed for a background worker. However, it saves its state on exit, and restores it on start, meaning that you can safely close it.

PebbleGotchi currently supports the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. It might work on the Pebble Time Round but the layout needs to be adjusted.

PebbleGotchi will not be available on the Rebble store as it needs to include a Tamagotchi P1 ROM to work, and this cannot be freely distributed. Instead, it should be built from the sources and manually installed (more information and instructions there).

You can find all projects, including PebbleGotchi, on GitHub:

Feel free to check them out !

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