Introducing Sparkr

Today I am very proud to announce the beginning of a new professional adventure!

sparkr-web.png, janv. 2022

My business partner, Damien Tronchère, and I just launched Sparkr, our consulting activity for startups and other tech companies, to support them in transforming their ideas into industrialized products.

Leveraging our experience as program managers in the development and industrialization of consumer electronics products, in areas such as IOT, Android smartphones and tablets or even blockchain, we offer our expertise at all stages of the process:

  • technical definition of products (software, electronic and mechanical architecture)
  • development and realization of POC and prototypes
  • development of key features
  • production of pre-series
  • certifications
  • mass production

Fell free to check out our website, and do not hesitate to spread the word and/or contact us at !

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