Enhanced Rovio (WowWee)

I played a little with the discontinued Rovio from WowWee this week, and found out that the firmware source code has been released some times ago.

Several custom firmwares already exist, but I played with only one so far : Rovio Chat custom firmware. This custom firmware integrates some interesting functionalities (mainly a Network Watchdog), but I wanted to add other features, like turning ON/OFF the blue LEDs.

That's why I just set up a Github repository, importing the original source code (v5.03) with Rovio Chat changes on top of it as a starting point.

So far, I also added the following functionalities :

  • Blue LEDs control integrated into the WEB interface
  • Incremental camera adjustment control (from Rovio Chat) integrated into the WEB interface

The repository can be found here, and some nice building instructions here.

Feel free to check it out !


1. On Tuesday 14 July 2015, 04:23 by Sebastian

Hi JC!,
Very good job!. Thanks for share!. Is nice the incremental head adjustment from the IOS Rovio Chat, in the web interface... you can share the binary firmware file?. I don't have a Windows machine for try to compile your mod, and is very interesting for give a second chaance to the Wowwee :). Thanks and best regards!, Sebastian.

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